There are plenty of outstanding, snowy, winter landscapes to enjoy in Ontario’s cottage country this winter and if you’ve never taken advantage of the many outdoor activities that the province offers, you’ve been missing out.! Here are some of the great destinations to experience some wonderful winter experiences.

Winter Fat Biking

No other winter activity has grown in popularity as much as fat biking in recent years. Fat biking is one of the greatest winter activities you can get into, and it is so simple to do. Live Outside in Bracebridge has rentals and trails on-site, and Algonquin Outfitters in Huntsville has bikes for rent with trails nearby. Be sure to register for the 2nd Annual Muskoka Winter Bike Festival on February 1, 2019!


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Humans have used skis as a means of transportation for thousands of years, and ancient cave and rock art indicates that the use of skis to travel down hills predates recorded history. The history of downhill skiing is long and fascinating

Here are just a few resorts to visit in Cottage Country:

Blue Mountain is Ontario’s largest year-round destination ski resort located in Collingwood about 2 hours north of Toronto.

Horseshoe Resort is a popular southern Ontario ski destination spread over 680 acres offering four seasons full of activities for the entire family. It is located in a natural snow belt just one hour north of Toronto off Highway 400 north of Barrie.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone is a popular destination for Toronto area skiers located in the snow belt region of Ontario just north of Barry.

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area nestled in the heart of beautiful Muskoka, has been creating fun and exciting winter experiences for almost 50 years.


Dog Sledding

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For a fun and exhilarating experience, there is nothing that compares to the family-friendly activity of dog sledding. Before there were snowmobiles, there were dog sleds. Stunning landscapes and dogs bred with the instinct to pull with passion and strength. Meet the team of Siberian Huskies in Haliburton or view Muskoka and Algonquin Park regions with the experts.

Here is a sample of the outfitters in cottage country. Haliburton Forest Dogsledding (Haliburton Highlands) North Ridge Ranch (Hunstville) Wilderness Adventures (Algonquin Provincial Park) Winterdance Dogsled Tours (Haliburton)



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While there are many cottaging areas throughout the province, the big three are located in Central Ontario, a two to three-hour drive north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). MuskokaHaliburton, and the Kawarthas comprise what many Ontarians mean when they say they’re headed to “cottage country.” So on any given winter’s day, it’s easy to spot vehicles on northbound highways towing snowmobile trailers to these snowy destinations. Visit: Northern Ontario Travel


Ice Fishing

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No, the fishing season doesn’t end with the freeze up on our Ontario lakes. Ice fishing for walleye, trout, pike and perch continues throughout much of the winter season as ice conditions allow. Outfitters can provide everything you need to enjoy this satisfying winter sport.

Helicopter ice fishing. This may be the ultimate in an all inclusive, fully guided ice fishing experience, located in eastern Ontario.

Muskoka Recreation (Muskoka) Lake Rosseau & Joseph

Casey’s Fish Huts (Lake Simcoe)