A Peak Inside 3 Luxurious Georgian Bay Cottages

Have you ever been boating in cottage country, travelling across a glistening Canadian lake, and caught a glimpse of the towering homes that line the perimeter of the shore? You see the private beaches, the floor to ceiling windows, and the boathouses that dwarf the likes of your modest cabin. From a distance, the stunning architecture alone leaves you curious as to what lies behind those walls. Here is a longer look at the most gorgeous Georgian Bay cottages and their breathtaking interiors.

The Wedding Crashers Summer Home


Okay, so Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn may not have played football on this extensive lawn but the resemblance is somewhat uncanny to the well-groomed and traditional residence featured in the film Wedding Crashers. It almost pains me to classify this stunning property as a cottage since it boasts 4,500 sq. ft. of living space and includes grounds large enough to contain most of the population of Midland, which is a mere 10-minute drive away. If this isn’t enough to accommodate you and the nearby town, then you are sure to appreciate the included guesthouse. The home has the added bonus of being located at the end of the road, which offers more privacy than one may experience in the more boisterous setting of Wasaga Beach.




You step foot into the spacious entrance and are instantly greeted by its luxurious, beach-house vibe. Light wood, crisp white accents, and the occasional sailboat accessory are all reminiscent of a weekend in Portland, Maine. One downfall of this cottage is the lack of tan you will be getting due to your prolonged time ogling the kitchen and visiting the game-room. However, the floor to ceiling windows that face the waterfront may be the perfect place to catch the sun rays reflecting off of Georgian Bay. I may even suggest a little SPF as you part the drapes.





It turns out the grounds have even more to offer than the foosball table. There is enough room for outdoor activities. The property features a panoramic view of the bay with shoreline surrounding 3 sides of the estate. You will most likely find me sprawled out on the extended dock or swimming after an afternoon BBQ on the walkout deck. But in reality, you may find me boating by and distantly gazing with envy at the renters.



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The Private 'Deep Bay' Getaway


The exterior is meant to completely showcase the landscape through sizeable windows, which allow you to dine in the company of the picturesque Canadian landscape. There is even a wraparound deck and a lower level that features a hot tub. This cottage is the definition of a hidden gem and has the feel of a private resort (without the other guests).




The interior of this cottage is all about looking fresh, new, and view-oriented. The kitchen is stocked with stainless steel appliances and accented with light wood that reappears throughout each room of the cottage. The main event would have to be the open concept living area with high vaulted ceilings and views that make you feel like you’re on the bow of an enormous ship. Basically, the entire interior of the reclusive cottage beckons you outside. 





This is where things get breathtaking. The bay is meant to be explored and what better way to do so than with a large selection of kayaks and canoes. The location offers a charming snapshot of the peaceful landscape that is Canadian cottage country.


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The Modern Cabin in the Woods


Usually when you hear the word cabin, you think of a nostalgic summer at camp cramped into close quarters with too many bunk beds and not enough bug spray. Now you will think of arching ceilings, water-front beach views, air conditioning, and maybe a few bunk beds (to preserve your fondest memories). This “cabin” is shaded by tall pines and has winding paths leading you to a light sandy beach. It’s hard to find a beach in Ontario this sandy without being surrounded by crowds of people and occasionally hit with a volleyball every 5-10 minutes. The privacy and serenity makes this beach a winner.



This cottage actually comes with its own private island. It may be in the kitchen, but nonetheless, I think a least one person could successfully set up camp here. However, there is no lack of sleeping quarters since the cottage comfortably sleeps up to 8 people. The open concept living area has slanted ceilings, and of course, enormous windows that allow light to spill into every corner of the room. Let’s not forget about the flat screen in the living room that will go completely neglected unless the forecast calls for a downpour.



After emerging from the dense covering of pines, this cottage offers one of the best things a cottage can: a beautiful beach. No water shoes required. This beach doesn’t have the rocks or noisy crowd that you can find at most other locations. I can just envision myself jogging barefoot in the setting Canadian sunset (but alas I tend to avoid jogging and so I will allow this to remain a part of my imagination).


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It is clear to see that the Canadian landscape is rich with towering trees, rippling freshwater lakes, sandy beaches, and the hot summer sun we so often crave during our famous winters. Another form of terrain that shouldn’t go unnoticed are the stunning Canadian cottages that occupy this landscape. The architectural details, the decorative interiors, and the layouts that exist to compliment the surrounding property, are all works of art on their own.