Welcome to the new CottageRental.com

Same company, new look. Same verified listings, new website.

Much has changed since our very early days providing in-person consultations and VHS video walkthroughs of cottage rental properties for renters across Ontario. What used to be a sometimes long and onerous rental process for renters has now become an almost entirely web-based process that is streamlined, customized and on-demand.

Delivering on our mission to educate people about cottage rentals in Ontario and providing them with superior rental services means continued evolution and growth of our brand and our online presence. With that, here’s what’s changed and what remains the same:

What’s changed? Our website & our look.

Logo & Overall Visual Identity

Our transition from Cottage Country Travel Services to CottageRental.com has brought forth the need for a modernization and revitalization of the look and feel overall. We’ve taken our flagship loon and combined it with a palette of blues that are evocative of cottage country overall.

Website Design & Functionality

We’ve made the website simpler and easier to navigate. A prominent search functionality on the home page allows you to easily filter by region and timeframe, and a paned approach to browsing different region allows you to easily browse listings in the region of your choice.

What’s still the same? Everything else.

Our Rental Service & Offering

Our commitment to providing renters personally vetted, verified cottage rental properties has not changed at all. We take pride in helping renters avoid unknowns and in making the booking process as simple and seamless as possible.

Our Agency Services & Offering

Our agency services will remain exactly the same, with the added benefit of modernized and improved web presence. We’ll continue to leverage our over 30 years of cottage rental experience to deliver consistently high occupancy rates and trouble-free rentals for our property owners.