Here are some of the comments we have been receiving from our clients. We hope your experience with our agency is similarly positive.

“Your website and the way you conduct your business is first class!  You guys are so well organized, love having the package you send out prior to the rental date.  Love the follow up…. very, very impressive and will definitely use you guys in the future!  Not to mention your website is perfectly laid out and super easy to follow.  I wouldn’t change a thing!!!  Keep up the great work!”

– S. Mace

“This is the fourth or fifth time we have used your services and just want to say you are one of the best run small businesses I have ever encountered; customer focused, professional, great information, communication and preparation all around. I hope you take great pride in what you do.”

– D. Huntus

“The information supplied by your firm was excellent and far superior to other firms we have used in the past and we have been renting since 1991.

This is the first time we have used Cottage Country Travel Services and they will be the first company we will consider for our next summer vacation. The quality of information and level of professionalism made renting a cottage this year very easy. The package supplied at time of renting was very complete and accurate. Thanks as a great time was had by all.”

– J. Broschell

“I must say that I am impressed with your company. Top notch service, professional all the way, and very experienced in the intricacies of the rental business. Hiring Cottage Country Travel Services was the best decision our family made on the management of our property. I have recommended you to many people and will continue to do so.”

– H. Christie (Cottage Owner)

“I just wanted to writhe this note to say how appreciative I am of the superb services you provided to me and the renters who stayed on Lake of Bays. I have worked with other rental agencies in the past and those experiences do not compare to the excellence your team represents…. I will definitely use your team going forward. THANKS SO MUCH!!”

– M. Diamond (Cottage Owner)

“Great site, professional service – as a British couple with a young baby we had a great week away – we’ve never rented a cottage before and were a bit apprehensive – we have already recommended your company to our friends”

– S. Raybold

“The Travel Package was FANTASTIC!!!  We were extremely satisfied with Cottage Country Travel Services. The view of the lake from the top deck attached to the cottage was absolutely amazing and so relaxing.

Though I am not too certain that we would rent this particular cottage again next year due to the difficulty that my Grandfather experienced trying to navigate up and down to the dock on a daily basis.  As for using Cottage Country Travel Services, I can say without question that you have secured our family’s business for many, many years to come. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of services and the professional level of communication.  Give yourselves a pat on the back!”

– J. Sutton

“Thank you for your enthusiastic and professional service over the past two summers. Claude and I have sold our cottage. As a result, we are cancelling our listing with Cottage Country Travel Services.

As you know, we truly enjoyed living and vacationing at our cottage. What made a big impression on us was your enthusiasm and positive outlook on our property and its potential as a family vacation spot. We enjoyed the fact that when you first visited, you both liked our cottage and appreciated its features and appeal.

We were very fortunate to work with you and your staff in sharing our cottage with several families — your customers and ours. We were delighted with your quick responses to voicemails and to emails. Our requests for information were promptly fulfilled by email, return phone call or by mailed documents. Your newsletters and information packages are informative and attractively prepared.

We highly recommend Cottage Country Travel Services to cottage owners who are considering the summer rental market. Your service is outstanding. Your website is attractive and easy to use, your photos are amazing. Please feel free to quote us or refer potential cottage owners to us by phone or email.

It is with mixed feelings that we have said farewell to our cottage. Thank you for all the support you have given us. We wish you every success as you continue on your journey through “cottage life.”


– D. Ho-Lung (Cottage Owner)

“Again, we would like to thank you for the efficient way you handle the rentals. My husband was against the hassle or renting the cottage because he thought it would be a tremendous amount of work and aggravation but you proved him wrong and he is a surprised, happy camper that things went so smoothly this summer. He especially enjoyed the cheques in the mailbox every week. He is already planning next year.”

– R. Domik (Cottage Owner)

“We had a fantastic time and loved the cottage and have been really impressed with the information supplied by Cottage Country Travel Services (we had no ‘hidden surprises’!).  When we next plan a cottage holiday we will check out your website first!”

– S. & E. Little

“Awesome cottage.  Your services made locating and booking it a snap.  All correspondence and conversations with you were very friendly and professional.”

– G. & T. Moneypenny

“We had heard horror stories from friends about renting holiday cottages on the internet, but I must say that your website made us feel very confident. There were ample pictures and when we arrived at our cottage it was pretty much exactly what we were expecting. In speaking with you on the phone I most certainly had the impression you wanted to help us find the right sort of place for our holiday.

The owner of this cottage called several times to make sure we had found everything and were comfortable. After the power failure, he called (at the request of Cottage Country) to see if we had power. We were very impressed with these efforts to ensure we were happy and have told many friends how excellent the follow-up was with our cottaging experience. We were also very impressed by how organized the whole rental process was, from early inquiries to dropping the key off in the mailbox after our holiday. Congratulations.”

– A. Howard

“Cottage Country Travel Services has demonstrated, not only competence in managing our properties in a professional manner, but has approached the task with a sensitivity for our concerns about strangers using our investment.”

– D. & B. Thomas (Cottage Owners)

“I told you this on the phone, but I just wanted to say it again. You have the best website out there. I chose a cottage on your site purely because of the ease of use, complete details, great pictures, and friendly interface. I have recommended your website to several friends.”

– L. Emlay

“It’s hard to know where to start. Everything was perfect. This is a wonderfully appointed home in a beautiful setting with every amenity accounted for. The waterfront is a perfect mix of dock, Canadian Shield rocks and sandy beach. It’s clear that the owners have put a lot of thought and love and pride into their property and it is wonderful that they trust strangers to also enjoy it and exercise stewardship over it. Thank you!

The photo gallery was very accurate and extremely helpful in not only making the decision to rent it but also in formulating an idea of what the experience would be like – something that words cannot convey as accurately.

This is a dream home, tastefully rustic, thoughtfully equipped, very comfortable and in quintessential Ontario cottage country. We couldn’t have loved it more and we can’t think of a thing that was missing from the experience. Thank you again, Cottage Country!”

– S. Mogensen

“It is such a pleasure dealing with your service. There is never any hassle and everything happens as planned. The quality of the cottage we rented for the third time is top class. I relax as soon as I walk through the door.”

– O. Collins

“I just wanted to send you an email to say we had a really wonderful stay at the cottage this past week. Even on the one day that the weather wasn’t perfect, we enjoyed the cottage so much we didn’t mind enjoying the lake in the little bit of drizzle that came down.

Everything was just wonderful both inside and outside the cottage and imagine our pleasant surprise when we saw that there was even a fire pit for us to enjoy roasting marshmallows every night. Our compliments to the owner for such a nicely built and furnished cottage and, of course, also to you for keeping it looking so well.

The pictures and description of this cottage on your website make this cottage very appealing but the true beauty of the cottage and it’s surroundings have to be seen in person.

Since it’s a clean and well-maintained cottage, it was quite easy to keep it in the same condition we found it.

Thanks for everything from a group of very satisfied customers. We look forward to staying at either the same or another one of your cottages again next year.”

– K. Gutierrez

“When my husband and I decided to rent out our cottage, we were referred to Cottage Country Travel Services by my mother and aunt , both of whom were already very satisfied clients. For over ten years now, Cottage Country has managed to successfully balance working for us as well as serving the needs of the renter’s. This is no small feat! Although they are always professional, we consider them to be more like friends.”

– M. Hodgson (Cottage Owner)

“Dealing with Cottage Country was a pleasure and we appreciate the hassle-free way in which you do business! After all a vacation should be a vacation!”

– R. Spence

“We had a very relaxing holiday!  The lake was beautiful & the cottage was comfortable and just what we were looking for without the hassle of doing any work! It was fantastic.”

– E. Malcolmson

“In a way, the pictures didn’t really do justice to how beautiful the place was. The travel package was GREAT! So clear. We were wow’d by the directions! Correct down to the km! We went in the winter so the usable indoor space was key (we had 7 kids with us) and the kitchen made cooking a joy! We didn’t even mind the clean up as the ‘off duty adults’ could sit around the island with a glass of wine and chat to those ‘on duty’. It was spectacularly outfitted.

We had such a fantastic time and the owners were terrific hosts even though they weren’t present. They called to check on us in a very appropriate manner, even to warn us of an approaching snow storm as they figured we wouldn’t be watching TV (they were right). We’ve recommended both CottageRental.com and cottage #634 to friends and coworkers.”

– D. Jordan