Ever heard of glamping? Me neither. Who wants to camp out in luxury when you can cottage in luxury? Well, temporarily. We’re talking private planes, renting mansion-sized cottages, and lounging in luxurious clubhouses after playing 18 holes. Here are a few ways to experience extravagance in Canadian cottage country.

1. Travel Like A Millionaire

You finished a long day at work and are not excited about sitting for hours in the line of cars just as eager to escape for the weekend. Sooner or later you’re spending half a day just trying to make it out of a chorus of blaring car horns. Say no more, Georgian Bay Airways Ltd. offer a private one-hour float plane from Toronto’s downtown Island Airport to the greater Parry Sound area. Muskoka Lakes, Pointe au Baril, Georgian Bay, you name it. You can even request personalized drop points. Enjoy waving at the gridlock below as you soar to your cottage-getaway.


2. Cottage Like a Millionaire

If it’s made of logs, you can still call it a cottage right? Getting the castle to complete your royal treatment is obviously a priority. This log “cottage” near Bancroft is custom designed into a classic and cozy Canadian castle. In addition to the towering exterior, this abode boasts 4 bedrooms, a sleeping Bunkie, game room, sauna, hot tub, and 210’ of shoreline. Imagine yourself stepping out onto that expansive deck and peering over your kingdom with a cup of coffee. And there’s no better throne than a chair on the dock.

3. Golf Like A Millionaire

Muskoka Bay Club has an award winning golf course, Clifftop Clubhouse that was featured in Fairways Magazine, and breathtaking views of Muskoka scenery. The golf course itself revolves around the dramatic beauty of the natural Muskoka landscape. Rock ridges, wetlands, towering trees, and challenging elevation changes will leave you breathless, so make sure to get a golf cart. After finishing up a satisfying 18 holes you can lounge on the Cliffside grill and terrace for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


4. Eat Like A Millionaire

Loondocks has been named one of “Canada’s Best New Restaurants” by Where Magazine. Just check the yelp reviews and you’ll see that professional food critics are not the only ones drooling over this eclectic menu. This casually elegant eatery is found in Port Carling and owned by Chef Kevin Duynstee. Sit back on the riverside patio and try the Milford Bay Trout with maple merlot reduction, and a butternut squash puree. Make sure to leave room for dessert, the cheesecake has daily flavour inspirations that will have you coming back for every day that ends in Y.

5. Cruise Like A Millionaire

If you can’t be one…look at one? Exploring the real luxury of cottage country means getting on an 1887 steamship and gawking at cottages that have 15 bedrooms, colossal boathouses, and staff quarters. NHL players, models, actors, and actresses alike have flocked to the serene Muskoka Lakes and Muskoka Steamships allows you to get up close and personal during the Millionaire’s Row Cruise. Wave hello to Steven Spielberg and Kate Hudson who frequent their Ontario cottages in Muskoka during the summer seasons.


This “cottage” on Lake Rosseau Muskoka was built by the founder of Mattamy Homes, the largest home builder in Canada. See expansive architecture like this one lining the scenic shore.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Canadian cottage country is all about retreating from your day-to-day life into a realm of relaxation, peace, and pampering. The next time you have some time off coming to you– treat yourself to a week of true extravagance. Not saying that every summer should be leaving you in debt… but try that award-winning steak, golf at the course you’ve stared at from afar, or rent that cottage of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to enjoy what Canada has to offer you this summer. We will definitely be enjoying that cheesecake.