Clients often ask us: “When is the best time to book a cottage for the upcoming summer?”  While we have seen an increase in clients who book their cottage holiday in spring or early summer – it is our recommendation that, to get the best selection, you should be seriously planning your summer cottage rental during the months of December, January and February.

We especially recommend booking as soon as possible if you require a cottage that has any of the following attributes. Cottages such as these are often rebooked from year to year by returning renters and represent a smaller percentage of our cottage inventory.

1.  You are looking for two or more consecutive weeks. One or two bookings at a cottage for mid-summer weeks quickly reduces the options for longer term rentals.

2.  You prefer late July or early August dates – these most popular weeks of the summer, and are almost always are the first weeks to rent in any cottage.

3.  You need a larger cottage to accommodate an extended family or larger group of 10 – 12 people. These are high-demand cottages that usually book very quickly.

4.  If you have young children and are looking for a sandy beach you should start early.

5.  If you are travelling with pets (especially if more than 1 pet) or alternately needing an animal free cottage. ‘Pet-friendly’ or ‘pet-free’ cottages are less common that the usual ‘no pets’ cottages.

6.  If you have a specific geographic location on a particular lake or near a certain community or require particular amenities such as wi-fi, laundry, air conditioning etc.

We always have cottages that are new to our agency added later in spring (usually late May or June) but to avoid the disappointment of not finding a cottage that can accommodate your group or have the amenities you want we recommend booking early.

If you need help finding a cottage one of our staff would be pleased to assist you either by phone at 905-862-0252 or email: [email protected]