A cottage holiday for me is about reconnecting. Today’s hectic lifestyle with the multitude of activities and responsibilities that we stickhandle from day to day take their toll on our health and our relationships with family and friends. Long hours at the office, ferrying the kids to and from school and their various activities of soccer, baseball, hockey, dance class and swimming lessons, leaves all of us with little time for the family to be together as a family. It becomes a juggling act every day to make sure that everything that needs to be done is completed, very often at the expense of quality family time and personal health.

The cottage vacation is a time to reconnect. When was the last time your whole family sat down together for a meal or participated together as a family in an activity? A barbeque where everyone took a part in the preparation of the meal or a hike through the forest, taking the time to identify the trees and enjoy the quiet.

When was the last time you took a moment to completely relax by yourself? An early morning before everyone else is awake, the mist rising off the lake and you find yourself in a canoe with a fishing rod, eager to catch the biggest fish in the lake but secretly hoping that nothing, including a fish, distracts you from the solitude. Or falling asleep with a good book in the shade of large tree overlooking the lake. Let the stress disappear and revitalize your soul.

A day trip to a local attraction, an evening campfire, board games, movie night, a family fishing derby, photographing the experience and making a photo book, observing the wildlife. The list of potential experiences is endless but the theme is about reconnecting with family, making connections and creating new memories.

Enjoy a cottage experience in Ontario’s cottage country with your family this summer and make it a holiday to remember for years to come.

~ Blain