Renting a cottage is a fantastic, family-friendly vacation, but how do you choose the right cottage for your family? Here are a few tips from the staff at Cottage Country Travel Services on finding the ideal family cottage rental.

First, determine your party size and composition. Occupancy limits are firm, so know how many people (children and adults) will be in your party before you begin searching. If you plan on entertaining at the cottage, make certain the maximum occupancy of the cottage will accommodate your party as well as your guests.

Do you plan on bringing your pet? While some of the cottages we represent are pet-friendly, many are pet-restricted. Pet-friendly cottages have pre-approved ONE pet, if you have more than one, you will need to confirm the maximum number of pets per rental with our Agency.

The waterfront is a key feature of any cottage. If you are vacationing with children or non-swimmers, you may want to focus on cottages that have a small beach or some shallow-entry at the waterfront. Keep in mind that lake water levels vary throughout the season. The access to the waterfront is also a factor to be considered – not all cottages have easy access to the water and some require the ability to navigate stairs to the waterfront. We try to provide as much detail in this area as possible using waterfront description and photos on each cottage webpage.

Ask yourself what other amenities you cannot live without. For example, not all cottages have laundry facilities, satellite TV or dishwashers. Most cottages do not supply bed and bath linens, or end-of-stay cleaning. For some the idea of performing these chores while on holiday is no vacation at all, but for others, such facilities and services are not important.

Some families like to gather en-masse in one room, while others find it essential that there be separate spaces for the children and adults to gather. A week can feel like a long time if you are stuck inside because of the weather, all crammed into one recreation room for entertainment…

If you are having trouble deciding, or have questions, contact our office. representatives will be pleased assist you with your search. Our goal is to assist you to find the perfect cottage for your family, but only you know what your party’s needs. Before beginning your search for a cottage, take a few minutes to list your needs and wants – a discerning approach will help you to find the perfect family cottage for your summer vacation!