In a world where we are all working on computers, kids in schools now work off Chrome books and cellphones are needed for some in-school projects, it is no wonder we feel we can’t unplug even for a weekend. Yet more and more all we are hearing is how to reduce screen time for our children. Why not try a weekend at the cottage unplugging? Even a bigger challenge – try a cottage that is off the grid.

Here are some fun activities to get your kids outside and off the screen at the cottage this summer:

Have a scavenger hunt


Look for the old standards, like bugs, leaves and rocks and flowers, but throw in some fun challenges, like odd shaped sticks, or similar rocks.

Go on a hike


Have older kids draw a map of the property or area and take a nice hike, following the map. Bring along some snacks and water as a way to break up the hike midway through (and extend the activity!).

Fly a kite


If you get a windy day, teach your kids how to fly. The waterfront is an ideal spot, since there shouldn’t be many trees or structures around.

Explore a small town


Start at one end of the town’s main street (which has a 50% chance of being officially named Main Street!) and walk or drive through the town. Stop in the local shops, eat lunch and take in the heritage. If you’re doing it correctly, exploring even the smallest of towns can take hours

Have a campfire


A centerpiece of cottage life is the evening by a campfire. They have a magical way of bringing people together, inviting them to laugh, sing, play guitar and tell stories. And don’t forget the S’mores kit!

In our fast-paced world, unplugging isn’t always practical, but the special time spent with family and friends will create lasting memories.