There are many factors to consider when planning a summer holiday but one question we all come back to is: “How much is it going to cost?”  Here are some thoughts about how a cottage holiday helps stretch that vacation dollar.

1.    Low cost per person.  Don’t just look at the weekly rate – think about how many people are going and how much space you will have.  You’re not cramming 8 people into 2 hotel rooms – you have a comfortable cottage with more than enough room for all!

2.    Eating in.  It’s not just your accommodation that you have to think about – if you are at a hotel you are eating three meals (and snack) out every day.  Restaurant bills (and tips) add up very quickly!  Cooking at the cottage can be as simple as burgers on the grill or as fancy as you want to make it with a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal.

3.    Activities & recreation are included!  Day-trips, admission fees, the inevitable gift shop . . . avoid all of these drains on the pocket book and enjoy the lake and all the free fun that comes with it!

4.    Low Canadian dollar.  Exchange rates are not in Canadian’s favour this year so holidays here at home are a good way to save.  On the flipside – if you are coming from the USA, the exchange rate is definitely in your favour!

Whether you are looking for Parry Sound or Haliburton, vacationing with friends and family or just a couple we have over 260 cottages to choose from for your holiday.