Planning Ontario cottage rentals can require a lot of research. Finding a cottage that meets basic needs like clean, comfortable accommodations and a level of amenities that allow for a convenient holiday are requisite, however, to keep some members of the party happy, particularly the children, you’ll be looking for some fishing action.

In the province of Ontario we are blessed with some of the best fresh water fishing in the world. Our countless lakes and rivers offer opportunities to catch many species of sport fish from small to large and are accessible to fisherman of all ages and abilities. In Ontario, the Ministry of Natural Resources and numerous local organizations have, for many years, done an outstanding job of managing the resource for our enjoyment.

With regard to fishing, there are two old sayings that come to mind when I’m asked, “How’s the fishing at the cottage?” The first is that “10% of fisherman catch 90% of the fish” and the second is that “90% of the fish are found in 10% of the lake”. I have no data that supports either of these sayings but there may be more truth to these words than not. A little research about fish species and their behavior as well as angling techniques will result in greater success. Don’t be afraid to ask local tackle/bait dealers, neighbouring cottagers or marina operators for some advice on where and when to be fishing in an unfamiliar body of water. Pay attention to where the locals are fishing – it’s a good bet that they know where the fish are located.

There are many great resources on the internet that can be used to assess fishing potential and further your knowledge, many of them provided by the Ontario government. Here are a few that I think you may find useful.

Ministry of Natural Resources “Fish ON-Line’ for information on fish species on specific lakes and lake systems in Ontario.
Don’t forget to get your fishing license.

Review the Ontario Fishing Regulations.

Practice “Catch and Release”.

~ Blain