1. Amenities. What’s there and what do we need to bring? We provide a detailed list of amenities on each cottage webpage and more detailed information in the travel package. All our cottage provide basic kitchen amenities like fridge, stove/oven, cooking utensils, plates, glasses, cutlery etc. but other items like microwaves, dishwashers and air-conditioning are not standard.

2. Waterfront. Most cottage vacationers want to spend their time at the water so read the description of the waterfront carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

3. Pictures. This is a great way to get a sense of what the cottage is like. We provide numerous pictures of the cottage both inside and out as well as the waterfront.

4. Pet Friendly. Dogs will love running outdoors and swimming in the lake but before bringing them along make sure the cottage you are renting allows pets and check if there are any restrictions (e.g. # of pets, do they need to be leashed outside etc.) Don’t forget to bring along Fido’s water and food dish too!

5. Watercraft & Lifejackets. If you are at a cottage by the water you will likely be in or on the water at some point! Check the webpage to see what watercraft are available and whether adult lifejackets are provided. Children’s lifejackets are not provided at our cottages so be sure to bring some if kids are part of your group.

6. Internet/Phone Access. Yes, the idea of a holiday is to get away but if staying in touch is important many of our cottages have a landline phone, good cellular coverage and/or internet access. Again – just check the Amenities list!

7. Directions. After you book a cottage you will receive a Travel Package including a map. Plan your route and include an alternate if you are leaving during a peak travel time (e.g. Friday or Saturday during the summer) Listening to 680 News for “Cottage Traffic Reports” can also save you time and aggravation.

8. Septic Systems. Many cottages are not equipped with the traditional plumbing that you have in the city and instead have septic systems. This means that anything you send down the sink or toilet will be into a septic tank dug into the ground. This causes restrictions to what you can pour or flush – especially cooking grease, oils and “flushable” wipes.

9. Water. We generally recommend you bring bottled water for drinking. Most of the cottages we represent either use lake or a well system and the water may not be suitable for drinking.

10. Cleaning. Some of our cottages are “Full Service” and offer a cleaning and linen service while others are “Self Service” where you bring your own linens and clean the cottage at the end of your stay.