For many, pets are every bit a member of the family. While some would never dream of holidaying without their four-legged friend, others are willing to make other arrangements for their pets to stay at home. If you are planning on travelling with a pet, or, conversely, need to secure a property that is specifically animal-free, be sure to take this into consideration before you book your cottage.
Every cottage listed on our Website falls into one of the following categories: Animal-Free, Pet Permitted, and Pet Restricted, but what exactly is the difference?

Pet/animal Free properties have not had an animal inside the premises for a minimum of 12 months time. Animal Free properties are suitable for renters with allergies to pets, as neither the owners nor any renters have had pets on the property.

Pet-Permitted properties allow renters to bring their pets with them. Some cottages have restrictions about what sort of pet can accompany renters (i.e. No Cats), all have restrictions on the number of pets permitted per rental. This number is ONE, unless otherwise noted or arranged.

Pet-Restricted properties do not permit renters to bring pets, but the owners do not keep the property animal free.

Pet/animal free cottages are just that – animal-free. Even if your dog is a reduced-allergen breed (sorry folks, but there is no such thing as a hypo-allergenic pet), it will not be permitted at the cottage. Occasionally we have renters request to bring their dog to animal-free properties on the condition they do not permit their pet inside the cottage, but rather will keep it outside for the duration of the rental. Again, the property is animal-free, and this request will be declined by our Agency.

Pet permitted properties allow pets, but not without restrictions, as noted above. Owners may restrict the type of animal, prohibit animals from the furniture when inside the cottage, or limit the number of pets per rental. If the property has such restrictions, they will be noted in the “Conditions of Rental” section of the cottage webpage.

It is the Pet-restricted properties that often create the most questions from renters. At pet-restricted properties, the owners have opted to not permit renters to bring their pets, despite the fact the cottage is not a pet-free environment. There are a multitude of reasons owners may choose to not permit renters’ pets – but regardless of the reasons, our role as an Agency is to ensure the owners’ conditions of rental are met by all renters.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter.