Every year most families start dreaming about their summer plans. Day trips, camping, and for some, their plans involve a flight to a far away destination.

While you wouldn’t take your dog to an amusement park, and a plane trip may not be the most practical way for your furry friend to enjoy a holiday with the family. Renting a lovely Ontario cottage property may be just the right choice.

With the popularity of families turning to cottage rental to spend time with the family, the question that many families are faced with is….do we bring the dog?? This is a question that can be difficult to answer. Your pet deserves a vacation as well, right? Those big doggy eyes are telling you that he would love to jump in the lake, dry off by a campfire and sit with you on the dock counting loons. However, you must be ready for issues your excited pooch may cause. So, before you pack the dog bed, treats, food and prepare to travel north with Fido, lets look at some of the things that can arise.

First, the car ride there. If your dog is not accustomed to potentially lengthy car trips, you may be have to put up with your pup panting, drooling and stinking up the car.  Frequent stops may need to be made to allow your pet to re-leave themselves and stretch their legs. This could add on extra driving time, so be prepared to leave a bit earlier so you don’t delay your check-in time.

Once you are at the cottage you will need to be sure you have given the cottage a thorough once over, both inside and outside to make sure that it is safe for your dog to explore.  Unfamiliar plants or animal droppings consumed could mean an unexpected trip to the local veterinarian.

Renters must remember dogs make mess. Quite often we hear from renters, “my dog is hypoallergenic”. Great! However, there is no such thing as a non-shedding dog. All creatures lose hair, perhaps some more then others, but pet hair can be an issue. Couches, bedding, carpets, door mats, towels, can all collect dog hair. Let’s not forget nose prints on windows, and muddy feet. Therefore, a renter must be prepared to look beyond the floor and make sure that at the end of their stay they have given the cottage a good cleaning.

Next the barking. Maybe your four-legged friend behaves like a star at home, however in cottage country where there are new and exciting things at which to bark, some consideration of the neighbours is warrented. The neighbouring dog, the fearless squirrels, boats zooming by, and for some dogs they get very stressed watching their people enjoy a swim. Barking can ruin the enjoyment, not just for your family, but can become an annoyance for the neighbouring cottagers.

Finally, the main scoop is the poop… Renters must ensure that the cottage property is left completely poop free. So, at the end of your relaxing getaway, be prepared and set out some time to do some serious poop scooping.

We all have the best intentions when it comes to making sure the entire family feels included in plans. However sometimes it might just be more relaxing and stress free to leave pooch behind. There are many great kennels and boarding facilities to take your pup to. Many of these facilities offer a vacation like atmosphere for your dog as well. Nature walks, other doggy friends, swimming and spa packages. So this option can help you lose the guilt you may feel, should you chose to leave Fido at home.

And finally, if you’re looking for a great vacation rental that is pet-friendly and will provide the ‘whole’ family a wonderful cottage holiday experience, click below!



By Jane Corrick