The Red – And White – Stone Refuge

Deep in the Haliburton Highlands you will discover a hidden gem of a cottage. This retreat on Redstone Lake has been touched by Canadian influences, from its red and white colour schemes and plaid accents, to its solid wood statement pieces. This cottage compliments the landscape that it inhabits by shifting its elevation, making it a three-story masterpiece. The lakeside getaway allows the terrain to enter the home throughout its tastefully rustic décor. This cottage puts the class in Canadian classic.


The Deck Trilogy

Not 1, not 2, but 3 decks. There’s no better way to experience Canadian cottage country than sipping your timmies, listening to the call of the loons, and watching the rippling water on your choice of deck. However, if you really want to get wild, feel free to take several steps to the 350 ft lakefront or expansive canopy of pines. Your choice. All we’re saying is that this architectural beauty deserves to be a Canadian landmark on its own.


Bienvenue a La Maison (Welcome home)

What better way to be greeted into warm and friendly Canadian hospitality than by a chipper moose? Look to your right and once again feel the  surrounding natural beauty as you face a large rock face blanketed in moss through the window. The beginning of your maze through a lumberjack’s wildest dreams starts with the endless fresh and light timber walls and floors. Welcome home fellow Canuck.


Decadent Dining

Forget pot lights. This cottage does not fall short in providing statement pieces that capture your attention. These magnificent chandeliers are crafted from natural materials and hang from high vaulted ceilings. The dark dining chairs bring some of that stately forest exterior inside but are offset by the reoccurring light wood panels.


Personal Poutinerie

The kitchen leaves more than enough room to prepare a hardy Canadian breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Two sinks, state of the art stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, and plenty of room for guests, all beckon you to throw on a plaid apron and whip up your best poutine.

The Den eh?

Once again, this cottage doesn’t let us down. A skylight window spills light into this open concept living and dining area. The classic and elegant furniture shows you that Canadians embrace style just as much as they strive for comfort. The fireplace is perfect for chilly summer nights when you want to sink into one of those cozy armchairs and wrap up in a throw blanket.


The Details

We have to point out that even the bathroom is touched by plaid style. That is commitment.


A Queen’s Quarters

Where the outdoors meet elegance. The extravagant mirror and vanity, crisp white linens, and glossy hardwood floors whisper sophistication. The wooden bedframe, woven chair, and bear suited up in plaid however, shout Canadian country. Sleep like a queen…Queen Elizabeth, that is.


Canadian Slumber Party

These red and white style bunk beds are the perfect setup for a snug sleepover. This poses as the ideal kid’s room, which proves that a classy Canadian retreat has to be accommodating for the entire family. Once again, the plush bears accessorize the sleeping quarters and will stand on guard for thee.


The Sleepaway Spa

Forest views of both the outside and the inside. This bedroom is both classic and whimsical, with a simple colour palette complemented by extraordinarily crafted wood furniture. Clearly the cottage does not leave anyone sleeping on a pull-out couch.



With a waterfront this spectacular, it’s a real treat to have access to a dock, canoes, kayaks, life jackets, and a boat launch on the lake. Grab a paddle to venture into the clean and deep waters of Redstone Lake. If you’re not a big fan of the lake-voyager-lifestyle, you can always watch from a distance, posted up on the outdoor furniture at the waterfront patio. The south-west exposure will also give you a gorgeous view of the sun setting over Canadian cottage country.

Thank you & Sorry

These cottage owners really got it down when it came to designing an authentic Canadian dwelling. From far and wide we can appreciate a cottage that embodies the True North strong and free. Free to explore the lake, free to enjoy beautiful views from the deck, free to lounge by the fire, and free to accommodate you and your family. We know being Canadian really means being hospitable, polite, and as charming as the picturesque landscape we get to enjoy. Thanks for coming and we’re sorry to see you go.

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