So you are planning your family vacation, and considering renting a cottage – but how do you know if a cottage vacation is right for your family? Here are a few factors to consider before you rent.

Cottage Country is Wild. A cottage can have all the bells and whistles from air conditioning, high speed internet, flat screen televisions, and laundry facilities, but regardless of how “civilized” the cottage may be, you must remember it is located in Cottage Country which is, by its very nature, ‘wild’ – or at least certainly more wild than the city.

Squirrels, chipmunks, mice, moles, voles, insects, bats, raccoons, weasels, snakes (both water and land) deer, and even bears (in rare cases) may make their appearance at the cottage. If the thought of finding a spider web in the corner, or an occasional mouse dropping under the sink, sends you into a tail spin, then perhaps a traditional cottage is not for you. (But don’t despair; Cottage Country Travel Services represents “resort” villas as well!)

Off the Beaten Path. A cottage is a great way for family to spend time together without the everyday distractions. For many, the seclusion of a cottage is the appeal – the family all hunkered down in one place away from the world. But seclusion for some is isolation to others (teenagers keep coming to mind). If the weather doesn’t favour you, part of your holiday could be spent watching the rain fall through the cottage window, and listening to the inevitable complaints from bored children. Only you know the temperament of your family.

Roll with the Punches. Let face it – things don’t always work out as planned. You may not get the weather you had hoped for. Storms may cause power outages, raccoons may invade the garbage, water pumps and lines can be damaged. Simply put, the “services” you are used to are more fragile and cannot always be guaranteed in Cottage Country. We as an Agency and the Cottage Owner will endeavor to put things to right as quickly as possible, but things are not always as easy (or quick) to correct at the cottage. If things happen to go awry does your family adapt and roll with the punches or would you consider the holiday a bust?

Only you know what will make – or break – your family vacation. Renting a cottage is not for everyone, but if your family is ready to experience the wonder and the wilderness at the cottage, the staff at Cottage Country Travel Services would be pleased to help you find that “perfect” cottage for your family.